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Cascais is all about class and charm

An aristocratic village, home of kings and millionaires
3 de Novembro de 2016 às 19:11
Rua Direita is a pedestrian street in the center of the vila
Rua Direita is a pedestrian street in the center of the vila FOTO: Pedro Catarino

When Europe was self destructing, during World War II, Cascais became the luxurious hideaway for many royal families. At one time, both the monarchs of Spain and Italy (or former king Edward VIII, from Britain) were living in Cascais , home of several aristocratic Portuguese families for a long time.

Those days are gone, but the vila (one of the rare towns in Portugal that never wanted to become a city) maintained the class and charm of the royalty era.

There you can find magnificent palaces, charming old houses and small beaches that invite you for a walk. Pay a visit to Casa das Artes, dedicated to Paula Rego, a painter that has been living in London for many decades. You can reach Cascais in 40 minutes by train. During the trip, enjoy a lovely view to the sea.

On the way, you can stop in Estoril to try your luck in one of the biggest Casinos in Europe. Another possible stop is Carcavelos. It has a very big beach, where surfers learn the first steps in the art of breaking the waves.

How to get here: 38.69675, -9.42074

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