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Enjoy cheese and wine in Palmela and Azeitão

Not far from Setúbal, visit these ancient places and further discover Portuguese products.
Pedro Zagacho Gonçalves 3 de Novembro de 2016 às 18:10
Inside of Palmela's Castle
Inside of Palmela's Castle FOTO: Direitos Reservados

In the municipality of Setúbal, reached by bus, there are two important stops for wine lovers: Palmela and Azeitão.

Palmela is the place where many vineyards are planted with a typical grape known as the Moscatel grape. With a very sweet, honey like flavor, mixed with a hint of nuts, these grapes are used to make the Moscatel wine, a delicious beverage that functions as an aperitif and goes exceptionally well with cheese.

And speaking of cheese, Azeitão is where you can find amazing ones. The small village is where many shepherds still make cheese and butter in the traditional way. The result is the exceptional Azeitão’s Cheese, with a very creamy texture and strong taste, and the butter, made with sheep’s milk, with and intense flavor that will for sure have you eating a whole bar alone.

Azeitão is also the place where you can visit exquisite ‘quintas’ (villas), where in some house vineyards and wine production, such as the Quinta da Bacalhoa and Fonseca Winery. In the first be sure to be amazed by the admirable gardens in a Renaissance chalet. In the second, you can taste some of the best red wines and see its assembly-line production. A local pastry made with eggs and sugar, called 'tortas de Azeitão' is sure to amaze you.

Going back to Palmela, the town has ancient roots going back even further than the Roman’s presence in the Iberian Peninsula. There is an amazing castle that sits atop of the town, which archeologist have found to be home of Visigoths and Muslims, before being taken by the Portuguese people.

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