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Don't skip your workout and train at Fitness Hut Olivais

Looking for a gym close to the Web Summit? This one is just around Parque das Nações.
Daniela Espírito Santo 3 de Novembro de 2016 às 21:06
Fitness Hut Olivais
Fitness Hut Olivais FOTO: Direitos Reservados

Yes, you're out of your country and you are participating in a major international event, but that is no excuse to skip your workout, especially when there is a low cost gym right next to Parque das Nações. 

Fitness Hut is one of the biggest gym chains in Portugal and is famous for its low cost options. There is one at Olivais that you can access on a daily basis.

A daily free pass costs only 8.80 euros but grants you access to all the equipment you need to work out. 

You can easily go there after the Web Summit is over or before it even starts: the club opens at 7h00 and closes at 23h00.

Address: Spacio Shopping, Rua Cidade de Bolama, n.º4 - loja n.º 2.01 (piso 2), 1800-079 Lisboa
Phone: +351 912 645 492
How to get here: 38.76232, -9.11527


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