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Join the paddle tennis craze

Be a local and play this very popular sport at Campo Grande.
Daniela Espírito Santo 3 de Novembro de 2016 às 19:07
Padel Campo Grande
Padel Campo Grande FOTO: Pedro Catarino
Do you know what paddle tennis is? Then bring your racket and come to Lisbon because you are definitely in the right city.

This sport became famous in the portuguese capital recently, but has been around since the 90s. It combines the best of tennis, squash and badminton and is played in clubs like Padel Campo Grande. 

Padel Campo Grande has several fields that can be rented for 1 hour or 90 minutes. It is required to make a reservation and an hour of training varies between 4,50 and 6 euros per player. 

The pavement has sintetic blue grass and is fully equiped for your paddle tennis game from 07h00 until midnight, if you have a reservation. If you prefeer to risk it and go to Padel Campo Grande without a reserved spot, you can try your luck from 09h00 until 22h00.

But beware: if it is raining, the paddle tennis field will be closed and you will have to find another sport to entertain yourself. 

Address: Jardim do Campo Grande 1700-090 Lisboa, Portugal
Phone: +351 211 309 260
How to get here: 38.75714, -9.15329
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