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Swag on at night at MAIN

One of the hottest clubs in Lisbon sits right across the river.
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MAIN's facade
MAIN's facade FOTO: David Martins / Correio da Manhã
MAIN, right across the Tagus river, is one of the biggest nightclubs of Lisbon. On its three floors, ZERO, ROOM and AIR, it is possible to enjoy the coolest portuguese and international artists. 

Luxurious and full of swagger, MAIN is famous for its parties, that range from the hippiest of pops and R&B rhythms to the most recent african beats or House Music styles. 

Designed inside an old palace at one of the oldest quarters of the city, it is the choice of the young, sexy and famous of Lisbon's urban lifestyle. But beware: it is not easy to enter, so if you really want to go and you have a large group of friends with you, the best choice is to book a table. 

Address: Av. 24 de Julho, 68 Lisboa
Phone: +351 961 553 745
How to get here: 38.70593, -9.15746

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