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Are you into brewing? Here is the place for you
J.C.M. 28 de Outubro de 2016 às 18:36
In Cerveteca, the difficult part is to choose from such a vast menu
In Cerveteca, the difficult part is to choose from such a vast menu FOTO: Pedro Catarino

In the last years, brewing became the ultimate hobby amongst many young Portuguese entrepreneurs. In a country that traditionally preferred wine, there are still two great brands of industrial beer, that serve two mains brands of pilsner to satisfy 89% of the market. But then, something is changing. All of a sudden, small brewers emerge like gas bubbles and now you have dozens of national beers, with small production and refined flavor.

Cerveteca (library of beer in a free translation) is a bar dedicated to artisanal beer or small scale production. But it is not meant only to promote Portuguese beer. This bar serves bottles and pints from all over the world, with a menu where you can chose from more than 150 different beers. Have a taste.

Address: Praça das Flores 62, 1200-192 Lisboa
How to get here: 38.71516, -9.15106

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