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Taste the ‘best steak in Lisbon’ in Café de S. Bento

Experience the mouthwatering sauce that is a decades-old secret.
Pedro Zagacho Gonçalves( 3 de Novembro de 2016 às 18:52
FOTO: Café de S. Bento

Opened in 1982, the Café de São Bento, wanted to pay homage to the old cafés in Lisbon, by serving the famous ‘steak à Marrare’ (with a cream based sauce). Right next to the Portuguese parliament, in the S. Bento/Rato area, it quickly established itself as a must go for locals and tourists alike.

Here the steak in the main attraction. Considered by many ‘the best steak in Lisbon’, its recipe is kept as a big secret, especially the ingredients for its delicious, mouth-watering sauce. The steak comes for the freshest cow meat, straight from the loin to your plate.

The friendly environment and the excellent service are sure to please everyone. It has two floors, one for smokers and another for non-smokers, and an ambience music that always takes you back to the 80’s and early 90’s.

Address: R. de São Bento 212, 1200-821 Lisboa, Portugal
Phone: +351 21 395 2911
How to get here: 38.71324, -9.15309

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