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Traditional Portuguese dishes with a twist at Faz Figura restaurant

Freshest ingredients tasted with an amazing view.
4 de Novembro de 2016 às 16:57
View from the restaurant
View from the restaurant FOTO: Faz Figura

Overlooking the magnificent Tagus River, in the Faz Figura Restaurant you are the star – and the dishes are sure to take you there.

Here, seafood and fish are the main attractions, with the urchin soup, the sautéed scallops with truffle and celery puree, the Tuna with radish and cilantro risotto or the codfish in a Portuguese garden of vegetables, all taking the top spots.

Here, the ingredients are faithful to the Portuguese traditional cuisine, but the execution and the contemporary mixture of flavors, are sure to give you and unique and different experience everytime you eat there.

Also worthy of note, in the meat department, the Mirandesa veal cheeks and the Azorean stake with pepper and pineapple mustard witll have your mouth watering even before you start eating.

The desserts take on the best fresh fruit from all Portuguese regions, reinvented in pies, colorful roasts, sorbets and crumbles.

Traditional Portuguese dishes are also available by sxhedyled request. Reservations are a must at Faz Figura.

Address: Rua do Paraíso 15B, 1100-395 Lisboa, Portugal
Phone: +351 21 886 8981
How to get here: 38.71408, -9.12393


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