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In Tasca do Chico, you can be the singer

A popular bar where fado is sung by the costumers.
J.C.M. 28 de Outubro de 2016 às 16:51
In Tasca do Chico, you are invited to join the party and sing
In Tasca do Chico, you are invited to join the party and sing FOTO: Vítor Mota

You will find Tasca do Chico (Chico’s Tavern) in the heart of Bairro Alto, the place with more bars and restaurants per square mile in Lisbon. It’s a place devoted to a curious form of fado, the fado vadio. Expect no professionals, here anyone can come and try their best at the Portuguese song. Of course, this results in the most different performances. You can find talents that bear the soul of true ‘fadista’ , with crystal clear voices, or you can be tempted to rush for your headphones and avoid the completely out of tune chanters.

Either way, Tasca do Chico is about singing with your heart. Make it bleed if you want to be taken seriously. If you are looking to comfort you stomach, try the caldo verde (ripped cabbage) soup or a chouriço assado (grilled chorizo).

Phone: +351 965059670
How to get here: 38.71162, -9.14413

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