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Parreirinha de Alfama is in the heart of fado origins

It doesn’t get more authentic than listening to fado where it was born.
J.C.M. 28 de Outubro de 2016 às 17:49
Fadistas performing at Parreirinha de Alfama
Fadistas performing at Parreirinha de Alfama FOTO: Duarte Roriz

The narrow streets of Alfama remind us that Lisbon was once a medieval city, where neighbors lived window to window. It’s the place where the traditional fado evolved from the taverns to become the city, and national song. Parreirinha de Alfama is one of the fado houses that keeps the legacy of many generations of fadistas. This small club is known for great tidbits, like little mackerel in vinegar, cheese or seafood. But don’t let your stomach divert you from what Parreirinha is about. You are her to listen to some of the best voices of fado. And that’s what you get.

Address: Beco do Espírito Santo 1, 1100-222 Lisboa
Phone: +351 21 886 8209
How to get here: 8.71154, -9.12807

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