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Sr. Vinho is for fado and wine lovers

It was here that many of the stars of fado started their careers
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A fado performance at Sr. Vinho
A fado performance at Sr. Vinho FOTO: Mariline Alves

Let's start with a simple translation: Sr. Vinho means Mr. Wine, and so, if you enjoy the spirits made from the best grapes, here is the place to taste them. But Sr. Vinho, located in the historical neighborhood of Madragoa, is much more than wine.

The house is proud of its fado achievements. Founded by the fadista Maria da Fé, here were discovered some of the most talented singers of the latest generation. If you enjoy fado, you have certainly heard of Mariza, Jorge Fernando, Camané or Ana Moura. All of them sang in Sr. Vinho in the beginning of their careers. Besides the musical excellence, Sr. Vinho thrives on its menu, made of traditional Portuguese flavours.

Address: Rua do Meio à Lapa, n.18 1200-723 Lisboa
Phone: +351 21 3972681
How to get here: 38.70993, -9.15778

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