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Taste the traditional Alfama at Bela Vinhos e Petiscos

Fado is definitely on the menu.
Daniela Espírito Santo 3 de Novembro de 2016 às 16:02
Bela is a restaurant and fado house at Alfama
Bela is a restaurant and fado house at Alfama FOTO: Direitos Reservados
Alfama is impossible to miss while visiting Lisbon, especially for people who like tradition and portuguese culture... and, of course, fado. 

This is the neighbourhood that people associate the most with fado and, in that department, there is a fado house that stands out. 

Bela, famous for its wine and food, is located at Rua dos Remédios and was born out of the dream of a woman (Bela) that was forever connected with fado's nightlife. 

At this restaurant, you can listen to the traditional portuguese sounds but there is also room for poetry and world music. The room itself, much like its food, couldn't be more traditional and cosy: there are old paintings and pictures everywhere and the portugueses guitar celebrates life and destiny at the table and on the walls. 

The must-go stop at Alfama, where the magic of fado is only surpassed by the flavors at our plate. It is opened everyday (except monday) but only at night, so if you only have one night to listen to fado at dinner, make it at Bela - Vinhos e Petiscos. You certainly won't regret it.

Address: Rua dos Remédios, 186/190, Alfama, Lisboa
Phone: +351 926 077 511
How to get here: 38.71251, -9.1264

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