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Experience the Portuguese life by shopping at Vida Portuguesa

Shops that sell the most classic products in Portuguese pop culture.
Pedro Zagacho Gonçalves( 3 de Novembro de 2016 às 16:18
A Vida Portuguesa shop in Intendente
A Vida Portuguesa shop in Intendente FOTO: David Martins

Founded by a Portuguese journalist enchanted by the typical traditional Portuguese brands, A Vida Portuguesa (The Portuguese Life) was originally called A Casa Portuguesa (The Portuguese House), from the start with the idea of only selling national products.

Selling brads with more than 100 years in some cases, A Vida Portuguesa offers unique items such as the Ach Brito soaps, the Bordalo Pinheiro ceramic swallows, Viarco pencils, Renova tissues, or Couto toothpaste, iconic Portuguese products that marked a whole generation. You can also find Portuguese coffee, canned fish, olive oils, tea, hand creams and body lotions, candy, chocolates, liqueurs and wines.

The A Vida Portuguesa brand has four shops  in Lisbon, two in the commercial zone Chiado, one in Mercado da Ribeira (Cais do Sodré), and one in the Intendente zone, the last one to be opened.

The Intendente shop is particularly special, because the zone, which once had a bad reputation, being associated with drug traffic and crime, has been completely renovated and is bursting with new life and small shops from all around the world.

You can find typical Portuguese products but also Chinese markets, Vietnamese spices shops, halal butcheries, African barbershops, and many, many others, like all the continents merged in one neighborhood.

Address: Largo do Intendente Pina Manique 23, 1150-007
Phone: +351 21 197 4512
How to get here: 38.72102, -9.13512


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