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Feira da Ladra, a flea market in historic Lisbon

Think of anything you’d like to buy. Probably, you can find it here.
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Some of the treasures you can find in Feira da Ladra
Some of the treasures you can find in Feira da Ladra FOTO: Sérgio Lemos

Are you into vintage clothing, old vinyl records, new shoes, porcelain, tea sets, military uniforms and hats? Anything? Well, in Feira da Ladra, you will surely find anything you will like, because here imagination is the limit. For centuries, it has been the place where lisboners come to buy and sell stuff they have at home that they think is worth the effort of showing it to the public. The Feira da Ladra is a flea market that happens in every Tuesday and Sunday mornings. It spreads in a square located at the back of the National Pantheon, were some of the nation’s heroes rest for eternity. The narrow streets of the Graça neighborhood are among the most trendy in Lisbon, with shops and cafés that invite you to stay. Not, far, you can visit the castle of São Jorge, the main military defense of the medieval city.

Address: Campo Santa Clara 1100-471 Lisboa
How to get here: 38.71559, -9.12546

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