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Shop for design at an old Embaixada

At Príncipe Real, Embaixada is one of the trendiest spots for sophisticated shopping.
Daniela Espírito Santo 3 de Novembro de 2016 às 17:46
This old palace is right at the heart of Príncipe Real
This old palace is right at the heart of Príncipe Real FOTO: Pedro Simões
If you're tired of always shopping at the mall and you really want to buy something different in a sofisticated environment, then Embaixada, at the old palace Ribeiro da Cunha, at Príncipe Real, is the perfect spot for you. 

In this luxurious three-story building, erected in 1857 and turned into a portuguese shopping gallery in 2013, it is possible to shop for jewelry, art, fashion and all things design and lifestyle.

There is also good food and wine available for taste and an open garden that you can access through a cellar, right at the heart of one of the trendiest neighbourhoods of the portuguese capital.

If you want to enjoy art without buying it, there is also temporary exhibitions spread throughout the building walls of this concept story.

The gallery is open every day from 12h00 until 20h00, while the restaurant closes its doors around midnight from sunday to wednesday and at 2 am on thursdays, fridays and saturdays. 

Address: Praça do Príncipe Real, 26 1250 Lisboa
Phone: +351 965 309 154 
How to get here: 38.71687, -9.14845

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