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Shopping like a bourgeois at Chiado

They used to call it the Parisian neighborhood of Lisbon.
J.C.M. 4 de Novembro de 2016 às 14:27
Chiado FOTO: Sérgio Lemos

Chiado is, perhaps, the most sophisticated neighborhood in Lisbon. Since the XIX century, the bourgeois and aristocrats walk the streets filled with elegant shops to see and to be seen by others. Today, that sense of elevation still resides in some of the more traditional shops that have survived the era of massive consumption.

In Chiado, you will find both worlds. You can visit one of the the oldest hat shop in Europe or enter the modern shopping mall where you’ll find the common international brands. There is plenty to choose from. 

It’s a place to walk outside, try the café at Brasileira, see what opera is on the São Carlos theatre or enter the two churches standing defiant in front of each other. Or indulge yourself to the many restaurants that deliver cuisine from all over the world. Chiado used to be called the Parisian neighborhood is Lisbon. Well, it certainly is still visit by the thousands of French tourists that keep coming and returning.

And, since we are in the Autumn, you can try a Portuguese treat. This time of the year, it’s usual to eat castanhas assadas (roasted chestnuts), which are cooked in the street in a small clay oven and sold by the dozen. It’s the best way to keep the cold outside.

How to get here: 38.71006, -9.14246

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