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The best canned goods are in the Loja das Conservas

There is more than the traditional canned Portuguese sardines.
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Inside the Loja das Conservas
Inside the Loja das Conservas FOTO: Sérgio Lemos

The Portuguese canning industry – which sated back to 1853 – has its flag store in Lisbon. In Loja das Conservas it is possible to buy canned delicacies from 17 different companies, in a total of more than 300 products.

Besides the traditional canned Portuguese sardines, you can also find tuna, mackerel, octopus, codfish or ells, prepared in many different ways in a variety of flavors.

Don’t miss the exclusive sardine roe, a kind of Portuguese caviar that surprises everyone that tastes it.

Besides buying canned fish, you can also learn in the wallpaper all about this important industry of the past that has been given new life.

Address: Rua do Arsenal 130, 1200-182 Lisboa, Portugal
Phone: +351 911 181 210
How to get here: 38.70738, -9.14096


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