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Lisbon in two wheels wiht Bike a Wish

Enjoy the town at your own rhythm.
3 de Novembro de 2016 às 18:46
Lisbon has some tough climbs, but the prize is often a priceless view
Lisbon has some tough climbs, but the prize is often a priceless view FOTO:

For far too long, Lisbon didn’t pay any attention to cyclists. Known as the town of the seven hills, most people - and especially the ones in charge - assumed that there was too much climbing for anyone to be interested in using the pedals.

Things have changed radically in the last decade. After all, Lisbon is a town of hills, but also of plateau. And when you have 15 kilometers of waterfront, you have no excuse to keep ignoring bicycles.

Nowadays, you can see cycling lanes all over the city, mostly painted in pink. The problem is that most of them are installed on the sidewalks so pedestrians many times prefer to use them instead of the typical stone carpets. Be prepared to use the bell very often.

Anyway, services like ‘Bike a Wish’ can rent you a one or two seat bike to take you to the main parts of town. They can suggest a tour or you can decide for yourself.

If you get tired, remember you can take the bike on the subway, ouside the rush hours.

Address: Rua das Fontaínhas a S. Lourenço, 1100-246 Lisboa
Phone: +351 211 329 949
How to get here: 38.7152, -9.13542

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