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Parque das Nações is the perfect spot for a run

If you go outside the venues of the web summit, you will surely find a bunch of runners
3 de Novembro de 2016 às 18:19
Parque das Nações
Parque das Nações FOTO: Sérgio Lemos

It has all the conditions a runner needs. The terrain is plain, the views to the river and the Vasco da Gama bridge are inspiring and you can try all kinds of ground for your feet: pavement, wood deck, gravel or grass.

The Web Summit is located in Parque das Nações, the modern part of Lisbon, and by the water you will find large variety of gardens, promenades and sidewalks to put your legs on fast forward mode.

We recommend the oriental part of the park, where you have a number of paths of gravel where you can almost feel you’re running in the country side. The zone is perfectly secure and you will find plenty of fellow runners to keep you in good company. 

We suggest you start at Torre Vasco da Gama (Myriad Hotel), one of the tallest buildings in Lisbon, and run until the Trancão River, the last one to feed the Tejo before it reaches the sea.

Address: Av. Boa Esperança 40101, 1990-305 Lisboa
How to get here: 38.77472, -9.09138

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