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Take a break in Monsanto, the lungs of Lisbon

The biggest park in the city is perfect to play
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Want to play basket with the Tejo in sight? Go to Monsanto. It's free.
Want to play basket with the Tejo in sight? Go to Monsanto. It's free. FOTO: D.R.

Back in the 1940’s, Monsanto was an arid hill in the western part of town. It was where the city ended, and a new highway was built for the commuters, cutting the mountain in half. It was then decided Lisbon deserved a park. A big park. And then, thousands of stone pines were planted allover, creating a green carpet that became the city lungs ever since.

Today you can find all kinds of sports and leisure equipment in Monsanto. You have several parks for the kids and various fitness, running or cycling circuits for the grownups. Near the auditorium Keil do Amaral you will find one the basketball fields with best view of the planet. We kid you not, the view over the Lisbon rooftops, the Tejo river and 25 de Abril bridge and the southbank is breathtaking.

And it has another advange, it's completely free. You just have to bring the ball and the players, or try to beat the local guys that await the start of another game.

And if you have something against a concrete ceiling, know that Lisbon’s camping park is also located in Monsanto.

Address: Estrada do Penedo
How to get here: 38.72049, -9.19655

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