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Labirinto is the scariest place in Lisbon and is dying to meet you

Visit the first portuguese horror house...if you dare.
Daniela Espírito Santo 3 de Novembro de 2016 às 18:23
Labirinto Lisboa
Labirinto Lisboa FOTO: Labirinto Lisboa
Are you a daredevil? Then you must visit the first portuguese horror house, Labirinto Lisboa. This is a unique attraction where you can get seriously scared while learning about the most haunting portuguese legends. 

At the heart of downtown Lisbon, this permanent haunted attraction is situated near Cais do Sodre and Mercado da Ribeira and it is designed to scare you while making you laugh.

You can walk around chambers and passageways in a live show, made with a combination of actors and special effects that bring back to life the darkest periods of Portugal's history. 

USA Today considers it one of the mandatory spots to visit in Lisbon, so you know you have to gather all your courage and enter this place. But beware: if you can't handle it and give up before it ends you will have to write your name on its Wall of Shame. 

Labirinto Lisboa is opened from 17h00 until 22h00 every wednesday, thursday and sunday, while on fridays and saturdays you can horrify yourself until midnight. 

Address: Rua Instituto Industrial 6, 1200-225 Lisboa
Phone: +351 21 390 0365
How to get here: 38.70697, -9.15037

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