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Residential buildings became the artist canvas in Bairro Padre Cruz

A housing complex built for low income families is now a place to see big art
J.C.M. 2 de Novembro de 2016 às 20:06
An example of street art in Bairro Padre Cruz
An example of street art in Bairro Padre Cruz
An example of street art in Bairro Padre Cruz

In the last years, Lisbon has become an haven for urban artist that like to think big. Once a criminally prosecuted activity (well, in most cases it still is), the art of graffiti has been transforming the city façades. Delirect buildings are now the canvas of international artists that come to Lisbon to leave to transform the concrete walls into art.

Bairro Padre Cruz is a great example of how art can inspire people. Built in the 1970’s the housing complex received thousands of families of little resources. As time went by, the paint fainted. Local authorithies called on street artists to give a new face to the residential towers. This year, it was the site of an international street art festival. The result is that people now go to Bairro Padre Cruz to see some of the most original creations of urban art.

Address:Bairro Padre Cruz, 1600-746 Lisboa, Portugal
How to get here: 38.77129, -9.1893

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